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  1. I am really glad to read your reflections on your teaching experiences.
    would you please let me know whether the references are available on the net. If not, how can I can have them as I am also doing some research in ELT in Saudi Arabia.


    • It’s my pleasure. Some of them are available online others aren’t. I will check my papers and email you.

      Thanks alot

  2. Slamu Alikom Samar,

    First of all, I’m really thankful for ur blog. I did got a lot from il.
    Second, cogragelation foe ur new book I wish if I have enough time to buy it.
    I bought objective IELTS that comes with CD;however, when I try to use the CD with book it does not match. I feel the CD is not rely on the book, or it stand by its own.
    Can you tell me how to use it?


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